Operating Since 1951

Our History

Our history was created by our Founder Chairman late Jahurul Islam.

Jahurul Islam (1928-1995)

Jahurul Islam was a legendary entrepreneur and social activist of Bangladesh. He was the founder of Islam Group, the first and one of the largest diversified groups of companies in Bangladesh that includes construction, real estate, international trade, pharmaceuticals and agriculture.

Jahurul Islam’s career began as a contractor. In 1951, he established Bengal Development Corporation, a construction company. In 1964, he correctly predicted that Dhaka would experience a housing crisis and was able to respond to the crisis through the establishment of his own real estate development company, Eastern Housing Ltd. To date, Eastern Housing remains one of the most recognized names in Bangladesh real estate industry.

Jahurul Islam’s professional successes were only surpassed by his philanthropy. In 1989, he established the Jahurul Islam Medical College and Hospital, in his hometown of Bhagalpur. This large teaching hospital is happily located in one of the most beautiful campuses in Bangladesh. The hospital has 500 beds and offers 24 hour emergency care. The medical and nursing institutes are one of the best private medical institutions in Bangladesh with a strong focus on academic excellence.The hospital, colleges and campus are all maintained by Islam Group in the honour and memory of its legendary founder and chairman.

Jahurul Islam had a deep love for the farmers of the country. He believed in his heart that “If the farmer survives, the country will survive”. He was the first dreamer and implementer in the terms that in Bangladesh and in this subcontinent, by the method of “Contract Farming” and also giving financial and technical assistance to farmers, it is possible to produce grains, meat, eggs and milk that bring radical financial changes of farmers. He is the pioneer of commercial poultry farming in Bangladesh.

Aftab Safe Food
We are committed to providing safe food to our consumers. We do great care in every stage to make sure that the end product will be safe for all eating occasions. We follow four key processes to ensure safe food with consistent quality