Farm to Plate

We are keeping our food safe “farm to plate”

by ensuring hygienic practices and traceability at every step of the supply chain that are essential tasks for our processed and frozen food items:

Our “Farm to Plate” Credibility: The Seven Stages of Ensuring Safe Food

We Breed

We have our own 7 Breeder Farms (GP and PS) with the production capacity of approx. 450,000 Parent Stock DOC, having strategic collaboration & partnership with global leaders like Aviagen Group and GROUPE GRIMAUD, France.

We Hatch

Our all hatchery are technology driven, built with the most modern & high-quality incubation using cutting-edge equipments provided by world famous company ‘Petersime’, Belgium. At present our 3.5 million DOC per month.

We Feed

We produce feeds for our livestock (poultry, fish and cattle) our chicks grow up with our feeds from early to finishing stage. Our livestock feeds have high nutritional values, tailored to the type of livestock and rearing stage. We have zero tolerance on quality of feed. All Feeds are always tested by our quality assurance lab to ensure it is wholesome. At present we have 03 Feed Mills having a total production capacity of 22.5 MT/ Hr.

We Farm

We care deeply about the well-being of the chickens. Our chickens live in a spacious, climate-controlled environment with infinite access to food and water. Our selected farmers take pride in caring for the safety and well-being of their flocks. The only time our chickens are caged is for their safety when they’re being transported from the farm to the processing plant.

We Process

With modern and state of art technology, our processing facilities ensure that all our products go through stringent quality systems and checks. Our processing plant is built with the technology provided by ‘STORK’, Netherland, with a capacity of 1500 birds/ hr. Once birds arrive at the processing plant, our trained staff ensures that each healthy chicken is properly slaughtered before evisceration and cleaning. Chicken carcasses are cut in Halal way and deboned to become different products like chicken drumsticks, wings, nuggets and more. The end process needs to pass through Veterinary Inspection to make sure that all chicken is safe to eat when it is properly handled and cooked

We Prepare

Once chicken & processed items are ready, it is packed in trays and wrapped. The wrapped product is then inspected again to ensure that it meets or exceeds both consumer and customer expectations. Wrapped product is placed into baskets and stored at +4C*/-20C* to maintain freshness. This is done so that the product can have an extended shelf life by keeping it fresh longer.

We Deliver

At the end, chicken & processed items on its way to your local market. The product can’t leave plant without being inspected by our QC team. Finally the finished product is shipped in a refrigerated van to chain shop, stores, restaurants and other distribution centers
Aftab Safe Food
We are committed to providing safe food to our consumers. We do great care in every stage to make sure that the end product will be safe for all eating occasions. We follow four key processes to ensure safe food with consistent quality